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SOHO HOUSE: Wake up, New York! The Ned is coming

When The Ned in London first opened its doors in May 2017, it was all anyone could talk about. A new members’ club in the heart of the finance district that had everything from restaurants and lounge spaces to wellness facilities and a high-tech gym under one roof, and part of the Soho House family. It was hailed a spectacle, a monument to luxury, a party palace that transformed the after-hours wasteland of the City into London’s dazzling new hotspot.

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SOHO HOUSE: Roc House and Little Beach House Barcelona are back

It’s that time of year when we start to dream of waking to the sound of crashing surf, taking morning dips in the sea, and enjoying lazy days on loungers (Picante in hand, of course) and barbecues at sunset, rounded off with heavy red wine sleep… ready to do it all again the next day.

For all of the above, you’ll need to find yourself a beach house. Preferably one that’s a stone’s throw from stretches of white sand and azure waters, and far from the incursion of the masses. We want to the ability to spirit away with uninterrupted reverie, after all…

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SOHO HOUSE: House of love: Book your most romantic getaway yet

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we take a look at our most picturesque locations across the globe. 

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The bounce back: Our best wellness retreats around the world

January is a time of amplified obligation. To family, to work, to social media. We welcomed in the new year with renewed energy, but an uptick in the pace of life is leading to creative burnout. In moments like these, escape becomes essential. A momentof pause gives clarity. To help you bounce back, we present six of our restorative retreats around the world. Read on, log off, and go find your inner peace.

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SOHO HOUSE: Lift off! Cecconi's Terrazza opens in Rome

Rooftop restaurants – they’re always so alluring, right? Why imbibe at any ordinary eatery when you can tuck into delicious food and panoramic views way above the city streets. The best ones hum with atmosphere all day long, and come with jaw-dropping vistas, impeccable service, well thought-out menus, and a sort of laissez-faire mood that encourages many languorous hours spent in the heat. Sipping, nibbling, napping – that’s the life. 

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MR PORTER: The Surreal World Of American Pop Architecture

California is known for its architecture, but not necessarily its good taste. As documented and celebrated by Mr Jim Heimann in Taschen’s recent re-issue of California Crazy, the Golden State has built its image on having the biggest, boldest and brashest, well, everything.

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MR PORTER: Why We Love Amsterdam

Amsterdam  is a city defined by opposing forces: land and water; preservation and progress; a high standard of living at a relatively low cost. But its ability to harmoniously house these contrasts is what makes the Netherlands’ most populous city one of Europe’s most unique, where creativity and commerce seamlessly co-exist. A city is nothing without its people and so, to get a better impression of Amsterdam in 2017, MR PORTER hopped across the North Sea to meet the creative cast of movers and shakers shaping its future.

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MR PORTER: The Art Exhibitions You Cant Afford To Miss 

Art becomes more vital in times of uncertainty. It gives us something to reflect on, talk about and, for a few brief moments, escape or engage with the world, depending on our want. Lucky for us all, then, 2017 is such a bumper year for culture. We need, it’s fair to say, all the help we can get. From New York to Amsterdam, by way of London and Arles, there are numerous blockbuster shows opening this spring. From retrospectives of the greatest artists of the past to large-scale exhibitions by contemporary giants, these are the shows you won’t want to miss. Get booking now. 

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MR PORTER: Introducing Story MFG

You’d be hard pressed to find a more environmentally friendly fashion brand than Story MFG. The label, founded in 2013, is the brainchild of London-based Ms Katy Al-Rubeyi and Mr Saeed Al-Rubeyi (affectionately known as Bobbin Threadbare) – partners in both life and fashion who wanted to create “positive products” that not only do no harm, but aim to benefit both people and planet.

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MR PORTER: An Exhaustive Guide On Dressing For Your Body Shape

It doesn’t matter how well-made or stylish you consider your clothes to be, if they don’t fit correctly, they won’t look good. The cliché that Italians are the best dressers in the world is well-worn for a reason. Quite simply, the residents of that particular nation are more likely to frequent a tailor.  We are not saying you ought to alter everything you own (although, if you have the time, money and inclination, do go ahead), but there are certain things you can bear in mind – whether buying off the rack, or bespoke – to ensure you are wearing clothes that fit, and work with your body shape. From the well-rounded chap, to the shorter gentleman, here is my exhaustive guide to getting it right.

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MR PORTER: Five Wild Grooming Trends To Attempt If You Dare

Sometimes, adhering to a grooming trend demands more commitment than getting dressed. You can take off those ironically ugly dad sneakers if you don’t want to wear them anymore, but it’s much harder to, say, wash the leopard-print dye off your head, or grow your leg hair back after shaving it all off. Still, we don’t make the rules. For better or worse, there are some peculiar hair and body trends doing the rounds at the moment in the wild world of male fashion and celebrity. From legs as smooth as boiled eggs to hair that looks as though it’s been stained with a bag of Skittles, here are the grooming trends that we’re daring you to try this year. 

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MR PORTER: The New Style Lexicon 

There are some things we can already guarantee about the new season: the world will continue to turn and there will still be parties. People will get together and face off about all types of things, some of them style related. Lest you be left out in the cold at such occasions, please revise the terms below. These are the words that will be on every fashion person’s lips this spring.

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MR PORTER: Mark Maciver's Guide To Styling Afro Hair

Better known as SliderCuts, Mr Mark Maciver is a celebrity barber with almost 70,000 followers on Instagram. He has cut Mr LeBron James’s hair and has an impressive client list that includes Anthony Joshua and Stormy. According to Mr Maciver, the English rapper “refuses to let anyone else cut his hair”. His east London barbershop has become the go-to spot for black men eager to get the best trim in town.

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MR PORTER: How To Choose The Right Sunglasses For You 

As Mr Jack Nicholson once put it: “With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.” He was right: a good pair of sunglasses are transformative (although we can’t guarantee they’ll turn you into an Oscar winner). And yet, finding the perfect pair can be shady business. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the range of styles, sizes and shapes on offer. The trick is to choose a pair that complements your features – do that and you’ll instantly up your frame game.

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MR PORTER: The Relaxing Retreats to Book Now 

This is a time of amplified obligation. To family, to work, to friends, to social media and all the myriad connections that spawn all the distractions we labour under. It’s partly down to the internet, partly to an uptick in the pace of life. In the age of the buzzed-out man, the time of the harried guy, the period of the tired, escape becomes essential, not just advisable. A moment of pause gives clarity. A week in a retreat might even give enlightenment. To help you find inner peace, we present seven of the best restorative retreats in the world.

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MR PORTER: The Coolest Places To Stay In Miami

From the Art Deco architecture on Ocean Drive to the taco shops in Little Havana and the glass skyscrapers in Brickell, Miami is one of the liveliest, most colourful cities on Earth. Sitting on the southern edge of the US, it is known locally as “the Capital of Latin America”, for its wealth of Latinx inhabitants, and functions as a cultural bridge between North and South America, which means it buzzes with the energy of both. But where should you stay to ensure you can sufficiently rest and repair? We’ve compiled a list of Miami’s finest hotels to use as a base for your next trip.

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MR PORTER: Seven Scandinavian Brands You Need To Know

Is anywhere beyond the reach of Scandinavian culture? Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of Noma? Is there anyone who is immune to the charms of higgle or who hasn’t watched The Killing? Here at MR PORTER, we love all things Scandi – the cosiness, those dark dramas, the cinnamon buns – but we’ve noticed that a disproportionate number of stylish menswear brands hail from Sweden and Denmark, too. Think Mr Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe meets streetwear, minimalist silhouettes meet tech-y fabrics.

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MR PORTER x AUDI: An Audience With Mr Ashley Henry

In London’s basement bars, a jazz revival is in full swing. Exploding in north and south London, the polarities of the movement, a new generation of artists are drawing energy from broken beat, R&B, and hip-hop to create a sound that reaches far beyond its traditional parameters. At the centre of this renaissance is Mr Ashley Henry, pianist and founder of jazz collective The RE: Ensemble – a group of UK-based musicians cleverly reinventing groove-jazz.

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MR PORTER: The Men Who Made a Splash In Swimwear 

Holidays are meant to be relaxing and all that, but they’re also a time when you’re under considerable pressure. For most of us, it’s the only time of year when we strip off in public and allow all and sundry to see the wobbly effects 12 months of burgers and beer have had on our midriffs. When you’re on a catamaran with five Instagram addicts, it gets worse as they insist on #SQUAD selfies  and hourly Stories of how #BLESSED you all are. For anyone staring into the mirror and feeling particularly unblessed, help is at hand. 

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MR PORTER: The Smartest New Shoes For September 

Nothing says more about a man than his shoes. Not the size of his watch, the colour of his briefcase or the knot in his tie. No, a pair of top-quality, well-shined shoes are the absolute, unshakeable foundation upon which all else is built. After all, everything is constructed from the ground up, right? And with the new season upon us, and back to work the theme of the week, now is the time to make an upgrade.

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MR PORTER: The Lowdown On Streetwear For Grown-Ups.

You can trace the origin of the streetwear trend back to the hip-hop scenes that bubbled up on the east and west coasts of the US in the 1980s. Items such as tracksuits, zip-up hoodies  and graphic T-shirts  were being worn by Run-D.M.C. on the streets of Queens and by N.W.A in Compton before they were co-opted by the skaters, drifters, grunge and metal bands of the 1990s.

Today, you couldn’t single out one particular tribe or subculture simply by its street style. The middle classes are falling over themselves to snap up items from Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Supreme, fashion kids are saving up for Vetements’ Mitteleuropean-inspired, avant-garde streetwear, and who isn’t coveting a new hoodie right now?  

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MR PORTER: What To Buy The Man Who Has Everything

Christmas might be the most wonderful time of the year if you are, say, 12, or you have the organisational abilities of a quartermaster general. But for the rest of us, it’s tough and it can be more tiring than a marathon (hold on, it is a marathon). That’s not to say we don’t like all the merriment and revelry, the extra glass of champagne and late-night jollity, we just wish the rest of it wasn’t such a chore. Who has time to spend the next few weekends pounding the pavements while freezing to death, before queuing for hours and roasting like a turkey in the pursuit of other people’s happiness. It seems like such a waste of time – time much better spent with feet up in front of the fire with that extra glass of champagne.

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MR PORTER: A New Scent For Summer 

Your winter fragrances  have had a good run.  Rich, woody and spicy, like an olfactory hot toddy, they got you through the winter freeze and cooler months. But with spring well and truly sprung and holidays on the horizon, it’s time to switch things up a bit. Confine those heavier scents to the back of the bathroom cabinet and invest in something zesty and refreshing or light and mossy.

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